Cylinders Image

Our Multi-Port Control Panel (MCP) was an engineering success story for system applications. The MCP was designed to allow each cylinder to be controlled and monitored independently of each other. This allows our customers to monitor, charge or discharge each cylinder independently from outside the die. In the event of an unexpected pressure loss, the operator can quickly identify which cylinder(s) are effected by checking the individual gauges. 
To maximize the versatility of the MCP, we have added a second part to each station so that our customers may monitor two cylinders per station instead of just one.

The MCP is available in six different sizes:

MCP-3 (3 station) MCP-5 (5 station) pictured below MCP-7 (7 station)
MCP-4 (4 station) MCP-6 (6 station) MCP-8 (8 station)

The MCP offers the following design features:

A (1) 0-5000 psi glycerin-filled gauge with solid steel construction per station. P/N: 7214-1126

B (1) Brass integral bonnet needle valve per station (ex. 4 valves per MCP-4)
P/N: B-1VM4

C (1) Stainless steel bleed-off valve per panel assembly with metal-to-metal seat to help eliminate nitrogen leakage at the panel. 10,000 psi pressure rating from the manufacturer.

D (2) 7/16 -20 ports per station. This feature allows our customer to control a maximum of 16 cylinders with an MCP-8.

E (1) Cejn male quick disconnect for charging per panel assembly. The quick disconnect has a 0-9000 psi working pressure rated by the manufacturer.
P/N: 10-358-6451

F (1) 5000# rupture disk per panel assembly. P/N: 503-6215-211

G (1) Green color-coded heavy gauge steel guard to protect the panel assembly during handling and operation.