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Our SFP-3 Control Panel offers the following features:

(3) individual 7/16 - 20 ports for connecting cylinders.

(1)0-5000 psi glycerine filled gauge with solid steel construction. P/N: 7214-1126

(1) 5000# rupture disk. P/N: 503-6215-211

(1) Stainless steel Whitey bleed-off valve with metal-to-metal seat to help eliminate nitrogen leakage at the panel. 10,000 psi pressure rating from manufacturer. P/N: SS-BVST4

(1) Cejn male quick disconnect for charging per panel assembly. The quick disconnect has a 0-9000 psi working pressure rated by the manufacturer.
P/N: 10-358-6451

(1) Green color-coded heavy gauge steel guard to help protect panel during handling and operation.

To minimize loss of internal lubrication, we strongly recommend discharging the system as infrequently as possible. Order the SFP-3  Here

Our original single gauge control panel is designed to monitor and control hosed cylinders from outside the die.