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Standfast Industries has designed and manufactured an in-line atomizer or "Oil Mister" to re-introduce internal lubrication into hosed nitrogen cylinders.

As die makers and stamping personnel are beginning to realize, internal lubrication is an important factor in prolonging the lives of nitrogen gas die cylinders. Any nitrogen cylinder can benefit from correct lubrication.
Internal oil is lost when pressure is decreased or "bled down" such as in a die try-out or maintenance situation. No fittings or valves can prevent this from happening, therefore, Standfast is proud to be the first to develop an Oil Mister that will re-inject oil into hosed systems.
Our Oil Mister will connect in-line between our standard Charging Assembly and any of our Control Panels.

This system will dramatically increase the service life of your hosed nitrogen system by re-introducing the correct amount of oil back into each nitrogen cylinder in one easy step.

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