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Miniature Hose Assemblies and Components
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STANDFAST INDUSTRIES  is pleased to introduce our new MICRO-LINE miniature hose assemblies and components. This new line of miniature hoses and fittings will allow our customers greater flexibility in design and production situations where space constraints make it impractical to use our 1/4" hose assemblies

MICRO-LINE hose assemblies can be used with our SD125, CH132, M250, CH250, M500, M/U/CS750, CS/CH1500, CS/CH3000, CS/CH5000 & CS/CH8000.


Part No. M-Hose= __________

IMPORTANT: When installing a MICRO-LINE hose system, maximum recommended torque = 10ft-lbs(13.6Nm)

Length dimension:
Total Length end-to-end of the
required hose assembly

For successful MICRO-LINE hose assembly installation, please install clamps as illustrated.