Installation and Product Durability Information
  To maximize cylinder longevity in production applications, we recommend taking a moment to review the following information.
  1. Minimize Internal Contamination  
  • Minimize accumulation of solid contaminates through design considerations and scheduled die maintenance.
  • Minimize cylinder exposure to fluid accumulation through proper drainage methods incorporated during design.
  • Rod wiper lip pressure is a critical factor in preventing ingestion of foreign material. Inspection of rod wipers on new cylinders, as well as production cylinders should reveal no gaps between the cylinder rod and rod wiper. If gaps are found to exist, return cylinders to manufacturer for evaluation.
  2. Eliminate All Side Loading  
  • To prevent premature cylinder failure from side loading, cylinder alignment must be perpendicular to the contact surface and parallel to the die action.
  3. Prevent Free Acceleration  
  • Uncontrolled acceleration will damage a cylinder. To prevent this situation, we recommend pre-loading the cylinders whenever possible.
  4. Installation in Pockets  
  • It is critical to ensure that pockets are machined to the recommended tolerances for each series cylinder and that all pocket bottoms are flat with enough relief in the corners to eliminate any interference during installation.
  • Make sure that holes drilled for venting or draining the die are located in the pocket side wall, near the bottom.